that "something extra" is usually the best part. we call it #thatextraedge 

… but, what exactly is #thatextraedge?

hand embroidered magic, karigar crafted uniqueness, outerwear with character, accent pieces that celebrate versatility, accessories that are conversation starters, art and decor that champions sustainability.

basically, all things

wearable | loveable | frameable

our bestsellers

designed with #imargination.

hand embroidered with love.

crafted to make an impression.

your story has just begun.

our chapters

reflections of your identity.

makers of new rules.

be anything you want to be.

but most importantly, be you.

our characters

born out of trial and error.
defined by unique storylines.
made with #thatextraedge.
for you, whoever you are.

i love....

hand embroidery   |   attention to detail   |   love   |   slow fashion   |   stories   |   little things   |   big celebrations   |   sustainable decor   |   layers on layers   |   all accessories   |   …what about you?

this story has a beginning and a middle but (never) the end

the beginning

the idea is to give you something different. away from tradition, system or seasons. something with #thatextraedge…

the middle

the word margin is derived from the tailoring word which refers to “something extra”. it is about the parts of life that are so often overlooked…

(never) the end

all made in india creations, every piece is understated yet eye catching. versatile yet classic, hand embroidered, yet comfortably wearable, offbeat yet relatable, thoughtful yet random…


the book

the book is a blog where we jot down our moods and memories. pages filled with #marginspiration, styling ideas, trends we love, people we admire, stories that stir us, everything with #thatextraedge.

the perfection in imperfection is what we love the most.
margin is unique, just like you are. it's nice to finally meet you.
the book is our blog with #thatextraedge

want to read all of our pages?


when choosing the perfect gift is hard, we make it easy with our gift notes!


one of a kind, just like you — don’t you love a good compliment!

we do too.


what you said