page 3:<br/>made by hand

page 3:
made by hand

the perfection in imperfection is what we love the most.

we love when trial and error turns into love at first sight. we love creating textures, patterns and beautiful embroideries that you have never seen before.


we love pleats, but with a twist. we love stitching random tucks all over fabric and creating a unique texture out of nothing.


we love breaking thread and forming clusters to create a faux fur-like texture. we love embroidering quotes or poems or words onto garments to create something interesting. we love the intricacy of hand embroidery and the never ending wonders that are possible.


we love all the detailing that comes to life by hand. we love and respect the karigar and the days and weeks they pour into each piece that you see. we love how it is all so meaningful and ridden with skill. most of all, we love the stories that come to life because of it. if you do too, shop for our hand embroidered and textured pieces with #thatextraedge in jackets, capes, blouses, coords, brooches, belts, tie stoles, bags and more.


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