chapter three

her nostalgia

is a symphony of memories and rememberings. it is a collage of feelings and emotions in the form of style that will last forever

this new collective has the power to turn back time but only to catapult you into the future of fashion. it is fun, comfortable, and unique – something you will love all year long, through the seasons, moods and celebrations of life. it celebrates traditional techniques and old world treasures in fashion, but gives them a spotlight in modern contexts. it appreciates styles from different eras which led the way to bring us to where we are today. each garment within chapter three has had a very thoughtful journey, from its inspiration to its creation, from the materials to textures and patterns, from the silhouettes to the colour palettes – each piece has a story designed to resonate with all of you. filled with everyday wearable and loveable statement pieces – you will find sets, coords and separates that are easy to pair, wear and capture. it’s got unique, travel-friendly, picture-worthy collectibles that will make you feel nostalgic but in the present tense.

so let your memories come to life and add


with her nostalgia, it’s just the beginning of many memories yet to be made!