chapter one

her nature

her nature borrows inspiration from birdsong and tree barks, wildflowers and wall bugs.

it reflects the many moods of nature — its raw beauty, its imperfect perfection and its one-of-a-kind wonders. it features unique textures, detailed hand embroidery and imaginative style. explore everything from hand crafted jackets, vests and blouses to intricately embroidered accessories like brooches, belts and tie stoles — all with the promise of adding #thatextraedge to your life. some of these can even be customised just for you. this chapter also showcases hand made decor accents born out of trial and error — framed artworks created personally by margin’s founder, rajvi vora! give your story


her nature is made for you to be just the way you are.
this is the first of many chapters ahead.