chapter 4

her hues

her hues is an exploration of mood, personality and occasion through the power of unique colours, textures and silhouettes

It celebrates “her” in all her glory, through the many moods of her wonderful life, beautiful journey and unique story. Different pigments of life convey unique feelings at different points of time and her hues showcases a beautiful palette of shades made up of emotion, celebration, meanings and feelings. It is made up of moments that dot every single day, from the ordinary to the extraordinary and everything in between. Every creation in her hues is designed to dress up your mood of the moment. There is a sense of whimsy, joy, elegance, comfort, happiness, calm, excitement, drama, confidence, glamour, ease, and a million other sentiments wrapped within each style — all with one thing in common: giving you


From pretty little dresses to colour blocked sets, secret pops of pigments intermingled with denim, stripes and textures, from single-tones to multi-textures, oversized ensembles to the perfectly tailored — her hues is a melting pot of shades and surprise, feelings and emotions, just waiting to be discovered. It is the perfect collection of expression — to truly display who you are across the various moods of life, from morning to night, from work to play, from holiday to celebration, through every season and reason — there is something for everyone, a meaningful hue for every moment life throws at you.