page 2:<br/>us, inside and out

page 2:
us, inside and out

margin is unique, just like you are. it's nice to finally meet you. there are many tiny details that make us us.

we call our collections “chapters”.

we think of each collection as a new chapter in this never ending story. and the products within each chapter are our main characters. these characters will help shape your unique stories with meaning and purpose. they will add “that something extra” to your life. we are a brand that wants to build really unique stories, the never-ending kinds. along with that, want to build relationships with you, the forever kinds.

we make fashion and decor about more than a fleeting moment.

for us, it is all about long-term style, variety, functionality, wearability, comfort, and something extra to love. we create pieces that are like an investment — they can be worn across a variety of looks, moods, occasions, seasons, generations and memories. we make fashion a story that will never end. for example, our jackets and capes can be flaunted in a number of ways that you would have never imagined — rest assured, there will be pages dedicated to showing you what, how and where to wear everything. then, we gave brooches a major comeback unlike anyone else in the industry, and we redefined the tie into something extra cool for women. our belts are unlike what you would normally find out there, and our bags are just magical. we even have decor with #thatextraedge in the form of framed artworks made by trial and error, by hand, by margin’s founder! i promise to dive deep into each of these categories in the coming pages.

we don’t go out of style.

mangoes may be seasonal, but not us. we don’t have spring/summer or autumn/winter collections. we create collections, or chapters based on the inspiration and mood around us in a given moment. in a year we may release only one collection, or four. it is totally random. but when we create a new collection, that doesn't make the previous one something “old”. all of our chapters are never-ending. they do not get outdated. nothing we make will ever be categorised as “last season”. the intention is to keep the story alive for each of our characters through your stories in a timeless way. chapter one will be as relevant as chapter twenty, even a decade later without it being called “vintage”, you’ll see.

we have a founder who is a multi-tasking show runner!

rajvi, the founder and protagonist designer of margin is a super powerhouse. she does everything from designing and conceptualising the chapters to packing your purchases in dainty ways, marketing the brand like a boss and acing the game on instagram. margin is not only a proud homegrown, made in india brand, but it is a small business with big dreams being run by one incredible woman with the help of a few of her nearest and dearest. margin is a great example of “dreams can come true” and “anything is possible if you try”. this is a mantra that she lives by.

we are obsessed with all things hand embroidered.

this is true. our signature aesthetic through all of our chapters and characters focusses on unique hand embroidery and handcrafted textures. we give you a glimpse of our love for craftsmanship in the next blog, page 3!

ok now that you know us a little better, have you seen our first-ever website?!

we can barely contain our excitement. please go check it out. we are obsessed with the amazing work jeet and his team from who said you can’t have done. they have designed and developed this website, and we couldn’t be happier. all the copy you read is done by me — kinjal vora, from the writer’s block. it is detailed in a way to #marginspire you and to provide you with all the information in a transparent way. and that amazing gif of our logo you keep on seeing is created by the super talented angel salot. we hope that your shopping experience is razor smooth and tons of fun. go on, browse away, shop a lot (use the discount code: mrgme123), experience #thatextraedge and enjoy!

next up, what we love about craftsmanship in a short excerpt. check out page 3 of the book!

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