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the book

the book is our blog with #thatextraedge! we are so excited!

it's a blog, but extra.

the book is a blog about everything with #thatextraedge. we want to make it informative, educational, exciting, influential, creative, fun, interesting, surprising and unique. the book will keep you up to date with everything going on at margin: when a new collection is about to drop, everything you didn’t know about a limited edition release or how a customer wore our latest accessory with #thatextraedge. it will have posts about events, collaborations, stories and anecdotes about fashion, style, decor, creativity, craftsmanship, trends, colour palettes, inspirations, goals and more. the book will be fully loaded with styling tips, tricks and #marginspiration that you can benefit from too.


sometimes random, but always valuable.

the book will definitely focus a lot on margin and margin things, but it will also carry random bits and pieces that make our story different. for example, we as a brand love pasta. so we may do a pasta review one day, who knows!? or maybe even travel to italy, journaling about it here, telling you about what we see, love and shop wherever we go. the book is where we will bring you stories from work, play and adventure in equal enthusiasm. there will be pages about things that motivate us: movies, books, tv series, people. and there will be pages filled with fun memories, cool discoveries and valuable experiences gained as a small homegrown business. after all, we are learning something new everyday. through our learnings if you learn something too, that’s a win-win. the book will have pages literally about anything, but always something with #thatextraedge.

stay tuned and don't skip a single page of the book

we hope you keep watching, reading and loving everything we have to offer, at margin, in the book, and in life. for your monthly dose of #marginspiration, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter

-- there's going to be some great stuff there as well.


3 things to look forward to in “the book”

  1. every week a new page will be revealed! we’re thinking thursday is a good day to share.
  2. sometimes discount codes may be randomly dropped within the words of a page. so read every single line!
  3. a pasta recipe may come into the picture at some point when cravings are high. you never know!

next up, get to know margin just a little better than you do already. check out page 2 of the book!

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